Security Awareness Training (SAT)

Empower Your Employees To Be Human Firewalls

Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to cybersecurity. We can train your employees to recognize current threats and prevent attacks before they happen!

Phishing Attacks

According to the FBI, phishing attacks are the most pervasive venue bad actors use to compromise organizations. They are occurring over twice as often this year than last and 9x’s more often than the year before that. Losses in 2020 alone were at $4.2 billion. We can train your employees to recognize phishing emails, malicious websites and other threats making them your first line of defense.

It Takes Just One Click of the Mouse to Compromise Your Network
Bad Habits = Network Breaches

Change Bad Habits to Good

Employees tend to develop bad security habits like:

  • Using weak passwords or one password for all logins
  • Using company computers for personal use
  • Writing down passwords where they can be easily found
  • Leaving their workstations with their computers logged in and unlocked

Any of these bad habits can contribute to a network breach, ransomware and/or data loss. We can train your employees to recognize their bad habits and show them how to change them.